Monday, October 11, 2010

The Last Score

More appropriately it would be a set of musical notes that are said to have been hidden in Leonardo De Vinci's "The Last Supper." Now I'm not here to convince you that he somehow put the most mind blowing masterpiece of his time in a painting, however, if you look at simply the facts than you may start to wonder....

This is what it looks like. De Vinci was, as we most surely know, a true reconnaissance man and  he dabbled in music, theater, and many other areas he might have not been known for. But even the experts say that the harmony within these notes when played backwards, as it was how De Vinci wrote, is simply too harmonious to be ignored. You be the judge..... listen here

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Velociraptors

These are some of the most iconic dinosaurs thanks to the movie Jurassic park. However what you may not know is that the dinosaur in Jurassic Park was actually a Deinonychus.

Cleva gurl...
Another thing you may not know is that the actual velociraptor is about the size of a large chicken. They were only thought to have grown to a whopingly puny size of 30 pounds.Pretty much everything you may think you know about the raptor is probably not true. They didn't hunt in packs, they actually had feathers, and it wasn't incredibly fast.

So what did the raptor look like? Proably something like this....

about the size of your dog
So i hope i didn't ruin Jurassic Park too much for you.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Beatles

Well one fact that some of you probably know is that today is John Lennon's would be 70th birthday.  So in celebration of one of the greatest musicians of our century i have collected some facts i believe to be the most prominent of the Beatles.

-Contrary to popular belief, the title for "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" was prompted by 4-year-old Julian Lennon's description of a painting he brought home from school, not the drug, LSD. John Lennon has been said to have preferred Elton John's rendition of the song, and played background guitar and backup vocals on John's version, credited as "Dr. Winston O'Boogie and his Reggae Guitars."

 -On April 4th, 1964, The Beatles were graced with all top 5 spots in the billboard top 100. 1 was "Can't Buy Me Love", 2 was "Twist and Shout", 3 was "She Loves You", 4 was "I want to hold your hand", 5 was "Please Please Me." They are the only band in the history of ever to accomplish this feat.

-Aged sixteen, John Lennon formed the skiffle group The Quarrymen with some Liverpool schoolfriends in March 1957.They would later go on to become The Beatles in the spring of 1960 when Pete Best joined them. The final cast of the Beatles was formed when Ringo Starr Joined in 1962.

Alright guys, there's 3 interesting facts you guys may or may have not known. Hopefully you can get some conversation going in the name of John Lennon today

Friday, October 8, 2010

The REAL Guy Fawkes

Is everyone familiar with this guy?

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Right? He is believed to be a symbol for all anarchists out there and anti-establishment types. He rebelled against the tyranny of his 17th century rulers and attempted to blow up the British Parliament building. Pretty awesome huh? For all the wrong reasons.....

The Guy Fawkes mask is culturally popular because of the cult hit movie V for Vendetta. In the movie, the protagonist, V, represents an individual who is championing the citizens rights whether they like it or not. By the end of the movie he has overthrown the establishment and, assuming, put in place a peoples government. All in the name of the famous Guy Fawkes' attempt on the 5th of November. 

However, Guy Fawkes was in fact trying to be a martyr for the rise of the catholic church. He was a fighter from Spain who infiltrated England in order to usher in a new age of catholic rule on the country. So we can all thank Alan Moore for this newer depiction of Fawkes, but don't forget what he actually stood for, which is the catholic establishment of the time.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did you know Joseph Stalin

These are drawn by the most cruel dictator known to civilization
Enjoyed drawing men in their most natural form? He had an unusual hobby of sketching men naked by his bear skin rug and burning fire place.It has been confirmed that the autographs on the paintings are Stalin's signature. Who knew one of the most brutal leaders known to mankind had a soft side.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Post!!!! Did you know?

That the teddy bear was actually named after Theodore "teddy" Roosevelt? Its true! The story behind how this name came to be was from when President Roosevelt went on a little hunting trip down in ol'Mississippi. By the end of the trip all the other hunters had made off with prizes to take home but poor Teddy Roosevelt hadn't been able to bag anything. So what did his hunting partners do for him? The knocked out a baby bear and tied it to a tree so that the President could shoot him some wildlife. NOW YOU KNOW!!!!!