Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Beatles

Well one fact that some of you probably know is that today is John Lennon's would be 70th birthday.  So in celebration of one of the greatest musicians of our century i have collected some facts i believe to be the most prominent of the Beatles.

-Contrary to popular belief, the title for "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" was prompted by 4-year-old Julian Lennon's description of a painting he brought home from school, not the drug, LSD. John Lennon has been said to have preferred Elton John's rendition of the song, and played background guitar and backup vocals on John's version, credited as "Dr. Winston O'Boogie and his Reggae Guitars."

 -On April 4th, 1964, The Beatles were graced with all top 5 spots in the billboard top 100. 1 was "Can't Buy Me Love", 2 was "Twist and Shout", 3 was "She Loves You", 4 was "I want to hold your hand", 5 was "Please Please Me." They are the only band in the history of ever to accomplish this feat.

-Aged sixteen, John Lennon formed the skiffle group The Quarrymen with some Liverpool schoolfriends in March 1957.They would later go on to become The Beatles in the spring of 1960 when Pete Best joined them. The final cast of the Beatles was formed when Ringo Starr Joined in 1962.

Alright guys, there's 3 interesting facts you guys may or may have not known. Hopefully you can get some conversation going in the name of John Lennon today


  1. There's a Quarrymen record that's supposed to be one of the rarest records in the world!

  2. But i am sure it's not a coincidence, the LSD was surely thought-out.

  3. omg. the beatles were such a good band

  4. i was wondering why i saw so many john lennon things around lately

  5. I always resented Yoko Ono for straying him from the path of good energetic music..